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Dear Lidl,

I have just had a deeply unpleasant experience in your Lidl outlet in the Kirkgate in Leith (Edinburgh). I was dismayed to see you have introduced a large bank of self-service checkouts at this store. Like many, many others I do not like to use the self-service checkouts.

They are not only difficult and confusing for some to use but they also destroy jobs for local people. For some individuals the person at the checkout is the only person that they may speak to that day.

I informed the person who was helping those customers that were having difficulties (see above) that I did not wish to use the self-service checkouts and that I would prefer to use a normal checkout with a human being staffing it. I was given a dirty look (the person did not even bother to reply to me) whilst he called another member of staff to help. A number of other customers lined up behind me when they realised that a normal till would be opened.

We waited more than five minutes for someone to appear. The person appeared irritated at having to staff one of the tills. His service was poor indeed as he did not even make eye contact with me.

I am very disappointed. You have clearly decided to put profit in front of customer satisfaction. As you should be aware, customer dissatisfaction eventually impacts on profits. If you are not aware then you will  most likely find out soon enough. I thought that Lidl was different from the other supermarkets... Clearly not!

The local community website here in Leith (www.leithlinks.co.uk) has very kindly agreed to post this email on the home page of their website and has also agreed to post any reply you send to me in the same place.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to receiving your reply.


(Andrew is currently awaiting a reply from Lidl. If/when he receives one we will post it here.)

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