What's on in Leith?

What's on in Leith?: February 2017

Flash Comedy Night at Boda
Mel: Victoria

Meet your maker!

The city libraries held ‘Dazzle workshops’
during the Easter holidays, when more than 150 people took part across the city.

What is a Dazzle? It is in fact a Dazzle Ship. Turner Prize nominee Ciara Phillips will launch the latest Dazzle Ship as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival from May 2016.

Ciara Phillips, a long-term resident of Scotland, will ‘dazzle’ the MV Fingal, which is berthed at the Prince of Wales Dock in the historic port of Leith. As an artist with a longstanding interest in the history of signs and symbols as they relate to print media, Phillips will put her own unique spin on the astonishing camouflage patterns that adorned battle-ready ships in the Port  of Leith one hundred years ago.

You can read more about the Dazzle designs on the libraries website.

This information from: Edinburgh Reporter