Personal Training for Groups and Individuals in Leith of Train: Serious about not taking it all too seriously!


Personal Training sessions are offered on a one-to-one and
group basis. No-one is excluded and all levels and abilities are catered for. Everyone is made welcome.

The sessions are focussed around YOUR goals. If you want to
achieve any or all of the following then House of Train is ready to assist YOU: Weight Loss, Fitness, Flexibility, Strength, Toning and more.


Don’t think this is for you? You’d be surprised! Boxing is
an extremely valuable skill as it’s not only a conduit to extreme fitness but may also come in handy when you least expect. We aim to acquire the following skills: fitness, speed, agility, movement and, of course, punching.

In our boxing sessions participants will generally be paired
with at least one other person. These sessions take place in the same gym as the Personal Training sessions at Bonnington.  


Where Yoga is concerned I set my stall out openly from the
beginning. Everything is clear and understandable. Sanskrit terms are avoided wherever possible. In this way we will achieve both flexibility and a state of peacefulness. Beginner and intermediate levels are available in Vinyasa Yoga - Flow, Power and Yin Yang styles. This offers the perfect environment for those who are completely new to Yoga and for those who are already experienced.

Classes are delivered on either a group or a one-to-one basis. Home visits are also available.


And the bit the holds it all together? The food we put in our
mouths!  Our passion is for real/whole foods which are indispensable if we wish our bodies to thrive.  What we eat and how we train becomes a marriage made in heaven allowing us to achieve our desired goals.  Both are necessary: when we neglect one the results we are striving for simply elude
us. Let’s learn both!  


Conveniently located just off Newhaven Road, an ideal gym with an abundance of parking and serviced by Lothian buses. No membership required, merely payment for each session. Travelling to your home or a nearby park can be discussed.

So I ask you to... come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and teach and to embrace the changes which unfold!  Knowledge should be passed on - pay it all forward!

HOUSE OF TRAIN operates on a Monday to Friday basis. Weekends are also available at higher fees. Please enquire for further details.

Rhona K Swain

07885 580 533

HOT FIT personal training in LeithHOT FIT personal training in LeithHOT FIT personal training in LeithHOT FIT personal training in Leith